Disruptive Resourcing

Disruptive Resourcing helps our clients find candidates for the specific role or even the entire workforce – virtually. We offer two kinds of resourcing services: Offshore Long Term and Short Term Talent. Save operational costs and time spent on looking for qualified employees; we will find the best candidate, organize the interviews, and help you negotiate the salary. Whether you want a Short term employee or a long-term employee, we can make the process easier with a high chance of hiring the best candidate.


Hire Offshore
Long Term Talent

If you want long term offshore resources to complement your onshore team, then you can rely on Disruptive Advantage Resourcing. We supply you with the right candidates, organize evaluations, and even help you negotiate the salary that fits your budget. We ensure that you only get to meet the right people to fill in gaps in your business operations. No need to worry about local compliances, salary processes, and other tasks involved;


Hire Short Term

If you’re looking for a short term talent that you need within a shorter time frame, then Disruptive Resourcing can be your one-stop solution. We supply you with the right candidates, organize evaluations, and even help you negotiate the salary that fits your budget. Also, all the management involved on the offshore side is covered.

You can quickly onboard talent within the niche areas without having to commit to long term, just in-time hiring. The cost of resources can be up to 50% less than an onshore resource. You can hire the best short term talent to complete the tasks you need at a reduced cost while you ensure good results.

Lower Costs

The offshore model is cost-effective, as it allows you to retain the same level of expertise without compromising the quality of services


Ramp up and down your team as you require to fill demand dynamically


Outsource specific roles to allow your in-house team to focus on core business activities by freeing up resources for other areas.

Global Presence

Have a team working around the clock. Offshore teams can work in different time zones and provide 24-hour support.

Centralized Services

One location is ideal for offshoring services as it allows for quicker and easier coordination among team members.


We take care of all offshore compliance, so you don’t need to understand local laws and procedures

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