Optimize labor coverage for every shift, every day with Novo Workforce

Grant the flexibility your employees demand with the coverage you want regardless of how you schedule your workforce. Empower your workforce with the best and most reliable employee scheduling solution!


Create Schedules in minutes

With the right talent in the right place at the right time, you can improve your workforce efficiency and effectiveness – made possible through the Novo Workforce Scheduling solution. Our AI-powered scheduling software solution eliminates manual processes to help ensure excellent labor coverage every day, in every shift.


Use your data to Forecast the future

The Novo Workforce Forecasting solution uses algorithms to calculate and learns from data and trends to predict future events, improve schedule, and forecast labor requirements. Location-specific needs, business objectives, shifting conditions, and employee behavior can affect customer demands and how labor costs should be aligned. So, AI-powered forecasting improves labor forecasting by analyzing historical data and identifying trends. Our workforce management solution delivers timely schedules to employees using an accurate and reliable labor forecast.

Novo Mobile

Mobile Application for Team Members and Managers

Novo Mobile offers features for team members to View their schedule, clock in/out, swap shifts, request leave requests and more. For managers, get everything completed in the one application - from viewing schedules to staying connected with your team.

AI Assistant

Meet Max your virtual assistant

Your very own personal assistant to take over low-level tasks from your team to allow them to focus on their more important tasks. From checking up on team members that have signed in late, to automatically approving leave requests based on predefined rules, the use of AI assistants can accelerate and simplify whilst saving you time and money.