Cut Down Costs By Offshore Staffing

The effects of Covid-19 have affected businesses around the globe. Many of them are experiencing significant overheads and lower revenues. As a result, the pandemic has shown employers or business owners that the office spaces they are leasing in or maintaining are not critical as they thought as their employees work from home.

In short, putting offshore staff to work can help you cut costs, boost revenues, and rebuild your business.

Hiring offshore workers enables businesses to have a broader range of talent pool, regardless of location, as long as the team members, managers, and employers can communicate well in their language. Offshore staffing can provide the talent or skills your business needs at a reduced cost.

How Does Offshore Staffing Reduce Costs?

Due to the cost-effectiveness of offshoring, it has become a widely used technique in today’s digital world. Any work process that can be handled from outside the organization can be outsourced. This procedure, also known as offshore outsourcing, is usually carried out at a low cost. In fact, in offshore outsourcing, there are three broad categories:

  • Software Outsourcing, which deals with software services development
  • Technology and Infrastructure Outsourcing, which deals with networking and technology services
  • Business Process Outsourcing (BPO), which deals with the front office and back office outsourcing

This can be utilized for various tasks such as customer care support, payroll, etc. Businesses can also hire offshore staff to do content writing, transcription, data entry services, and many more. India and the Philippines are the leading countries for providing offshore outsourcing services. Offshore workers offer various types of solutions to their clients. Aside from India and the Philippines, other countries such as China, Russia, and Egypt are also known to offer offshore outsourcing services.

Benefits Of Offshore Staffing

Due to its numerous advantages, offshore staffing has become a widely used technique by diverse businesses globally. Here are a few benefits of offshore outsourcing:

Cost-efficiency. It allows one to get the work done in a much more efficient manner at a very low cost. The wage patterns of the companies in developed countries are different from those of developing nations. The type of work that can be commonly done in the West for a high price can be obtained at a cheaper rate in developing countries like the Philippines and India, with a difference of up to 60%.

Saves On Investment. When a business hires offshore staff, the partner carrying out the work typically makes necessary infrastructure changes in line with the requirements of the project. So, the business would not need to spend extra on developing infrastructure.

Round The Clock Work. It has a great time-zone benefit. For instance, if an American company sends work to an Indian company, the time difference between the time zone of the American and the time zone of the Indian company is 12 hours. Work can be assigned and done round the clock. The work can be done at the time that the offshore worker wakes up. So, it allows one to rest and enjoy the work, which is good for reducing stress, resulting in productivity.

High-level Effectiveness. This benefit is achieved by hiring people with the necessary expertise to complete the work. Doing so increases the standard of the work and enables organizations or businesses to accomplish the tasks more effectively.

Cut Costs On Recruitment And Training. When a specific type of work is outsourced to offshore workers, the business or organization does not need to hire skilled individuals for it. So, there’s no need to arrange training programs as the work will be handled by offshore workers who are experts or already familiar with the field. As a result, you can expect more efficient and quality work while cutting costs.

Top Talent. We can’t deny the fact that in some developed countries, there is a shortage of specific skilled workers; either there are not enough workers for a particular skill set, or there are available workers but at a very high cost. Therefore, offshore staffing from developing countries allows access to a vast number of skilled workers who are efficient and fluent and English at a very low labor cost.

Outsource Work With Right Partner

When you want to cut down costs, selecting the right service provider is very important. The service provider should be loyal to you and should be able to meet all of your business or organization’s security policies. Also, it should ensure that there will be no data leaks. In this case, you may consider Disruptive Advantage (DA) Resourcing to get skilled workers at very reasonable rates but ensures 100% work efficiency and quality.

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